I'll mess with your feelings.

I hate my fucking life.


I used to never like avocados.
I thought they looked nasty and I bet they tasted even nastier.
But from the moment you gave me that nickname the first day I was hooked.
They don’t seem so bad now that I think bad. strange.

love at 2 am.

When I think of love I think of two people falling so hard for each other that neither one of them could even possibly bare losing the other, but things change. One of them messes up which causes the other one to act out. Then they keep messing up not realizing what they’re doing to the other. She never meant to hurt the other one. Love isn’t for everyone. even though you may think it, is not.. but she loved her.. so much that it killed her when she left.
But she had to leave.. because she couldn’t bare to hurt her again.

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